What I stand for, is what I stand on


Plant A Tree For Every Guest

We believe that one can live luxuriously and sustainably. Our clients leave Rancho Cielo feeling rejuvenated and so does Mother Nature, as we plant a tree for each booking.

Help a local water conservation project


Just by staying with us, you are supporting a very much needed local water conservation foundation. We donate 1% of your stay at Rancho Cielo to The Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers. They exist to ensure drinkable, fishable and swimable waterways for everyone. For more info and to donate directly, please read more about them at http://www.nicoyawaterkeeper.org


Protected Forest

80% of Rancho Cielo is protected forest that will always be that way. Our growing botanical garden is full of fruit trees for you to enjoy, rare bamboo from all over the world as well as 1000’s of endangered species of trees that we are supporting to help thrive again.


Chemical Free and Bio-Degradable

Everything on the farm is chemical free and bio-degradable, including all cleaning products, bathroom amenities and insect repellent. This includes all pesticides and fertilizers too which are locally made.

 Bio Filter Water Treatment Plant.

The farm has created possibly the largest private rainwater collection system on the Peninsula. The system uses the roads throughout the property to collect the incredible amount of rain water that falls in the rainy season into several enormous underground tanks. There is a highly sophisticated bio filter water treatment plant. This reduces grey water through a system of plants and rocks that can in turn, be reused throughout the farm again.


Solar Powered

All hot water, lights, fridges and fans on the property are powered with the solar panels. 


Smart Eco Design

The open living spaces of the property were designed to ensure maximum cross ventilation and use as much natural light as possible. We reduced the need for air conditioning and artificial light. The AC units we do have are confined to the bedrooms and all are bulbs are LED bulbs are LED which last over a decade.


Educational Programs

We also run educational programs for our staff. They are studying English with an onsite tutor and also computer skills which are all provided for by the company.